scaffolding safety requirements and inspection

Scaffolding Safety Requirements and Inspection

Installing a scaffolding and using one is no joke. It is extremely important to ensure that we adhere to the right set of safety measures in place. This is why, we at Decagon Scaffolding, always ensure that we keep the best of safety check in place. We do not fiddle with the safety guidelines at all and neither do we take them lightly.

So, we have one of the best scaffolding safety requirements and inspection team in place. Our team will visit your project premises and make sure that the erected scaffolding is conforming to the industry norms and standards. Along with this, we also carry out load tests. When needed, we verify the drawings and check the calculations to ensure that the foundation has been set right. This is not all as it is also a part of our service to check the certification of the scaffolding structures in place as this helps us ensure that the safety point is strictly met. In any field of work, the safety of the employees should always be given topmost priority because if the scaffolding isn’t of good quality material or even if the installation is not done properly, it will end up impairing the whole work and can even lead to work hazards and accidents. we at Decagon Scaffolding Best aluminum scaffolding suppliers in UAE offer one of the reliable scaffolding safety requirements and inspection
Our scaffolding safety requirements and inspection services provided includes:

  • Inspection of erected scaffolding structures.
  • Load tests.
  • Verification of design drawings with their calculations.
  • Certification of scaffolding structures as safe-for-use.
  • Certifying that the materials used are conforming to the relevant scaffolding safety standards before deployment to site.